Acupuncture Needle Therapy Services
There are several styles of acupuncture offered including Chinese (TCM), Five Element, Japanese Meridian Therapy as well as the non-insertion Toyohari Meridian Therapy.  Acupuncture treats a host of conditions by helping to restore balance to a patients body.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
  Chinese Herbal Medicine:
Working from a fully stocked bulk herbal pharmacy, Charles Murdock tailors formulas to the individual needs of his patients.  Other prepared Chinese patent medicines are also stocked and used as needed.  Herbs are a wonderful option to continue treatment in between clinic visits as well as to enhance the effects of treatments done in the office.
Moxi   Moxibustion:
These heat herapies are employed from a Chinese Classical, TCM, or a Japanese perspective according to the case and condition.  Moxibustion is used on individual points or over larger areas of the body and has wide ranging therapeutic effects.  As an old saying goes, "acupuncture makes a suggestion; moxibustion makes a demand."
These therapies are also individualized according to a Chinese Classical, TCM, or a Japanese perspective.  Cupping involves the use of suction through the creation of a vacuum to treat individual points or larger areas of the body.   By helping to move stagnant energies, cupping frees the flow of resources thereby enhancing the healing process.
Gua Sha
  Gua Sha:
Gua Sha is technique that involves the movement (often repeated) of a specific tool in one direction, often along a the course of a meridian. Therapeutic effects can include relief of pain, reduction in stiffness, shortening the severity and duration of colds and flu, and the restoration of harmony and balance.
Shonishin is much like Gua Sha, though more gentle.  This therapy is most often applied to children.  It follows a set pattern, enhancing the flow in the meridians for maximum benefit and therapeutic effect and can treat a wide range of pediatric conditions.