B.N. Says...

As I think about this past year, a lot goes through my mind. More than a year ago, my husband and I decided it was time to start a family. We took all the “right” steps to lead us down the path of becoming parents and began to prepare for this new phase of our lives. Unfortunately, my body didn’t seem to get the message that this is what we were doing.

I spent the next 7 months doing absolutely everything I could think of to get pregnant. I monitored my temperature, tracked my cycle, ate healthy, drank fertility teas, and so on. My cycles were long and painful, and a pattern appeared that I might not even be ovulating at all. We then went the traditional route of getting checked out. Both my husband and I came back with a bill of clean health. There is no reason we shouldn’t have been able to get pregnant, said Western medicine. But we decided to try a round of Clomid to see if it would strengthen my ovulation. I’d heard of all sorts of crazy side effects that came with this little pill but wanted so badly to get pregnant that I simply did not care. The first round failed.

All of the sudden I saw the path that I was starting to head down. Am I infertile? Will I ever be able to have a baby? Am I going to have to go through month after month of painstaking drugs and needles and IVF? Was I ready for all of that? At this point we had only been trying for 7 months but it was the longest 7 months I had ever experienced. We were both young and healthy and there was no apparent reason for me not to get pregnant. I decided that I wasn’t ready to go down the infertility path quite yet.

Then I heard about acupuncture from my cousin. She tried to get pregnant for two years and after 3 months of acupuncture, she was pregnant! I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. I knew little about acupuncture besides that you are poked with needles. How could needles help me get pregnant? But I thought to myself, why don’t I just do a little research? A few minutes on the internet and one after another, I found information about the benefits of acupuncture on fertility. So I thought to myself, still skeptical, why not just go do a consult and see if this is worth pursuing? I mean, I’d already spent 7 months trying to get pregnant and I was willing to do almost anything to avoid the deep hole of sadness that was starting to descend on me from month after month of failure.

I met with Charles and felt an instant level of comfort. He seemed knowledgeable and optimistic. He answered all of my questions and explained to me what acupuncture really was and how it might help. I had never had a medical professional spend that much time learning about me. He didn’t want to just know my “symptoms” but also about my life and energy level, and he didn’t jump to any immediate solutions. It was a different experience than what I was used to with Western medicine. So I decided to give it a whirl.

The results were astounding. By the end of the first month, there were real tangible changes in my body. My period was lighter, my cramps were nonexistent, and my cycle even shortened by more than 5 days! I felt better. I couldn’t believe it. One month of acupuncture and my body responded as if that was all it needed in the first place. Another month went by and again, real tangible results with a shorter cycle to show for it. I became a believer. I couldn’t explain all the science behind these acupuncture points that Charles was stimulating but I could see that it worked. The third month, I got pregnant. Unfortunately, I miscarried within days of finding out. But I thought, wow I got pregnant. I can get pregnant. Charles was incredibly supportive through the loss and we talked about how while this feels like a step back, it is a step in the right direction. After all, after just two months, I got pregnant! The next month, and fourth month of acupuncture, I got pregnant again! It was as if my body said, ooh so this is what we want, and it was Charles who helped make it understand that.

Now I’m 33 weeks pregnant with a boy and due in June. Charles has worked with me throughout the pregnancy to maintain my health and the health of the baby. In fact, the benefits of acupuncture did not stop when I got pregnant. I had practically no symptoms. No nausea, heartburn, or any of the other beautiful ills of being pregnant. I can’t help but think that this was thanks to acupuncture, and of course, to Charles.

I am thankful to have opened my mind and given acupuncture a chance. There is no other way to put it except for that it really works. I tried for 7 months to get pregnant using Western techniques with no success. After a few months of acupuncture I was pregnant. The results couldn’t be any more clear. Sometimes your body needs to come back into balance to work the way it should. But I don’t think it was just the acupuncture that did it. I think it was also having Charles as my acupuncturist. In addition to his knowledge, he created an environment of comfort, optimism, and support that I desperately needed to get my through the experience and out of my own head. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with and learn from him. He helped me start my family, and there is no greater gift than that.