Skin Rash


H.F. Says...

When I met Charles, I was suffering and had been for a year or so. I am stubborn and was thinking I would just wait it out. The symptoms: my face had transformed into an acne field. I am not real vain, by any means, but it was beginning to feel raw, tender, just my hair touching it was uncomfortable. Then I developed a rash in my inner elbows. It was itchy! It began spreading more quickly up and down my arms. It was hot and hot water felt so good on it I would turn the shower as hot as it could go and put my skin right to it, crawling up the wall of the shower to get closer. This, I am not proud of, but the relief was euphoric.

Still I was resisting treatment. Perhaps I thought I would and could tough it out. Perhaps I needed to suffer for accrued sins along the way. Suffering this would clean the slate, I would no longer suffer from guilt, remorse, or regret?

Finally, with the gentle pleading of loved ones, I brought my swollen, itchy, battle ground of a body to a Mr. Charles Murdock, referred to me by a dear, lifelong friend. Charles responded to my message quickly and was able to work with my schedule to see me. I was still hesitant because if this didnít work, I would probably resort to steroids or some other pharmaceutical. I wanted to believe but my spirit was dimming.

Though I cannot say my spirit was completely lifted upon meeting Charles, I did feel a burden lifted. I was no longer alone with this, I now had support. Charles is professional and structured with the appointments and has a warmth and ease to him which creates an excellent healing environment. He does not push supplements, as others have, which can be very costly, but provides dietary suggestions. In my situation, the suggestions were restrictions and proved to be challenging, but as I realized, Charles provided a safe, clear and healing path, the healing was going to be a lot of work on my part.

I was prepared and willing to meet these challenges in order to benefit from the healing path Charles was creating for me. No band aids to cover the symptoms, but actually going inside to where it is dark and messy to bring the root of the problem to light.


Now, a couple of months later, the rash is an unpleasant memory, a learning experience. I am grateful for Charles, for his knowledge, his wisdom, his experience, his compassion and kindness, and for his having helped the healing of my dear friend for without that, it may have taken too long to find him. One more thing, if laughter is the best medicine, Charles gives it away.